DM~ Harry & MM choice in communications was once Clinton Aide

Ms. Latham worked for Phillip Gould Associates, who also is affiliated with Meghan Markle’s Cookbook.

After a career in advertising, and with the success of his wife Gail Rebuck (later CEO of Random House UK), whom he had met at Sussex, Gould founded his own polling and strategy company, Philip Gould Associates, in 1985. Appointed by Mandelson, Gould recruited the Shadow Communications Agency, a team of communication volunteers, who created Labour’s unsuccessful 1987 election campaign. This led to his position of influence within the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair.[7]

Gould was the author of a leaked memo which, in 2000, described the New Labour brand as being contaminated.[8]


On 7 June 2004 he was created a life peer taking the title Baron Gould of Brookwood, of Brookwood in the County of Surrey.[9][10]

In 2007, he assumed a non-executive director role at Freud Communications,[11] which is the firm of Blair’s former diary secretary, Kate Garvey.[citation needed]

Publisher of Meghan’s book is Penguin Random House UK, is this a mere coincidence?  More and more I believe this was strategically planned. There is absolutely no question that this is a left-wing agenda.

Ms. Latham is a hit and run, money doesn’t matter to her, then it’s the leftist agenda at work here.  I think it stinks!


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  1. Im sorry but WTF did H and M think they were doing strutting around on stage in front of a crowd of 14 year olds and spouting absolute rubbish ? they looked as though they were auditioning for a stand up gig !

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