Stop the fearmongers

Don Lemon is a racist he manages to turn everything around to lump a group of people together and call them neo-Nazis, white wing extremism!

I’m sick of CNN, and I woke up to him being on air, what in the hell is he talking about? Just because you’re conservative doesn’t make you a racist!


For Trump “to not be able to know that right-wing extremism is on the rise is very ignorant,” said Lemon, who suggested the president was being politically expedient with his comments.

“He knows that he says he is not racist but the racists think he’s racist and they support him and he doesn’t want to lose that support, ” Lemon continued.”

It’s not always about America has to do this or that and lead, leave countries alone to make their decisions.

These radicals are small groups of people, and that doesn’t make anyone with lighter skin color a racist. Maybe Don Lemon should go for racial sensitivity training it does work both ways if you want equality for all stop White shaming!

The sins of the past shouldn’t be thrown to the ancestors of now, and they didn’t do anything wrong.

If you are slamming the light-skinned, you are a racist!  If we all come together on the internet what color are we? No color, making us color blind, we can share ideas and come together as a community.

My friends this is where we should drive the message, we will not be afraid of one another because of race, religion, the color of your pigmented skin.  We will stand up to fear mongers.

We will together drain that 🤬 swamp and find who the posers are. We see your agenda now, and we see the money behind this. The George’s & Ron save your money babe.

Globalism is dead, and we will kick and scream until the message is clear. Leave the countries alone to make their own decisions!  Leave traditions in place. There is no room for any ISM in our societies.


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