she’ll go

Because of the restrictions and they will continue to limit her as time goes on and they get smarter. She wanted that independent global brand thing, and they shut it down. That sort of thing blocking her plans will bother a control freak like Markle. And she is surrounded by people who are polite but never really friendly and can’t stand her. She is egotistical enough to truly believe she can make “millions” merching post-divorce and still be famous. Meghan’s duration throughout her life is about 2 yrs. Then she gets dissatisfied wants more find some other sucker and moves on again. She is can never be satisfied, so nothing lasts with her. She’ll leave. Gone before the 2nd anniversary especially when she discovers baby won’t make her Queen.

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Thank you anon, I agree with the restrictions and the word NO are going to hard to comprehend for a control freak. Ms. Latham is going to go crazy serving her.ย  Neither one of women likes to hang around long and two years seems to be the magic number for both.

We can see that Meghan was campaigning hard for her own court, I was pleased that the anon had cleared that up months ago when the story broke.ย  They would be consumed by BP or CH, and the reason Sam was there was to get them used to BP protocols, too bad Markle didn’t want to listen.ย  It will be an uphill battle for MM now.

It didn’t have to be this way if she cared she would have loved the British people and tried her very best not to embarrass the family she never had.

Thank you anon, ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž

PS: she will go to press and leak or pick up the phone and call Omid, you know like she usually does when Meghan doesn’t get her way. Big difference between BP and KP


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