Hey Vin

if he did decide t leave he would be stripped of everything which is just one of many reasons he won’t leave. This whole thing smells bad and I think between now and the coming of the pillow things will get very very interesting or maybe after the pillow drops we’ll see what is going on. Or they’ll cover it all up. But I do not think they can. It is really treason to mess with the line of succession and a fake kid is seriously messing with the line of succession.

But you think they care tho? lol

This has been going on for months now, and truly if they really wanted rid of her it would have been done. did you know some college students couldn’t go to class yesterday because of the Queen and Kate’s visit?

Ten students had to hand their names in to police because of their so called political views, and they were a security threat. So if they don’t care about innocent students getting their education, they don’t give two shits about what Harry and Meghan does. Hate to say it but she is in for the long haul. And she is going to destroy them one by one, and you know what they would deserve it. because they should have capped her shit a LONG time ago. This kid will be further down the line of succession yes, Kate will be pushing out the heirs. Meghan won’t. So let them do what they do. We have our own lives to live. I appreciate you. 💖💖💖💖💖



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