Good Morning Friends!

Wow, what a ride! Rumors are rampant with BJ video and now I’ve heard while Ms. Thang did the nasty while engaged to Harry! I want to see the link to that, does anyone have it or is that make believe?

If a girl in Canada has the recording, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say this alleged act was done while she lived in Toronto, not in England?  The only other opportunity would be when she went to Canada in August 2018.  We should be extra careful, we seek the best possible leads to the truth.

Here is something interesting from John Doe, I think this person is the same from Enty’s blog.


Enty, my man is talking who is going to next to roasted on the open bonfire of public opinion.  My guess and I was so shocked might be Ronnie Howard, and that won’t be a Happy Day for him.  A tip from a friend sent some info that Ron supported Jeffrey Epstein, Oh NO!  Turns out the award-winning all around good guy is into SM and made a visit to Jeffrey island of horrors.

Is Ron Howard going to be added to our human violator’s category?   I hope not, I love this guy.

Here is a link to Foxella

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One Comment on “Good Morning Friends!”

  1. Wow! I don’t remember seeing the radar article at all. Maybe it wasn’t reported over here. Really informative blog by Helena too JD, thanks. I’ve shared her article.
    As a non American her blog explained – to me – why so many politicians & (apparent) A+ ‘celebrities’ are anti-Trump.
    I’m reminded of something somebody said to me many years ago … “Those with nothing to hide, hide nothing”
    It would seem to me, many of Trumps opponents , have things they wish to remain hidden. *My opinion only*

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