DIY Tips: How to add texture to drywall

If you don’t have perfect walls and aren’t very good at mudding? Try this!

Brought to by Zillow featuring Leah of Jane Drill, yes we women can do this.  This what I’m going to attempt to do today. The renovation is coming along and please buy stock in Budweiser we went through 2 cases of beer yesterday for our thirsty crew. 😹

Amazing things happened yesterday! Our dear friend Terri who by the way worked for the Housing authority here in Fort Myers keeping everything up to code for the underprivileged rewired our master bedroom and bathroom — adding wall sconces, new boxes, and receptacles.

I feel very blessed to have friends like Mona and Terri.  They are wonderful with southern values that I appreciate.  They have been married over 44 years and are still madly in love with one another.

Our friend Craig, my husband’s partner in crime is doing the corners of the drywall, and we thank him very much for his loyalty and dedication to the cause.

Ohio John, who I adore has been a tremendous help with his knowledge of construction. What a great friend he is and he can stay with us forever.


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2 Comments on “DIY Tips: How to add texture to drywall”

  1. Great. Dreams really do come true. Sorry don hasn’t been home last two weeks taking care of his family. I haven’t felt well last couple days but so glad your getting it done. I’ve seen amazing things for you pr house. Lol. I can look at things . Just bad headache, sinuses and teeth and dizziness. I can’t wait you get it done. I’m so happy it’s moving forward. Love you. ……

    1. Jeanne, I love you, not to worry, it’s getting done. I feel like I’ve been hit with a Mack Truck. After this, I know how to mud a room. Now I have to go sand and roll slurry on the walls later on this afternoon.

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