Rose and Kate business

is pretty nasty. The DM headline is now The ‘beguiling beauty’ Marchioness whose suitors is said to have included Prince William and is now reportedly being shut out from the Cambridge’s Norfolk circle on Kate’s orders”. The insinuation is that Will has the hots for Rose and Kate is hutting that down. So someone who planted this story wants to blow away the Kate is so nice image and the Will and Kate have such a great marriage. Keep in mind too that when Harry attended his first state dinner in April of 2018 his dinner companion and guide was Rose Hanbury.
This looks like a smear to me – a smear of Rose and Kate and Will. Throw in the articles now emerging that Harry is refusing to reveal the taxpayer cost of renovations at Frogmore and that Harry spent 50K on sound proofing (both in The Sun) which of course infuriates people and the Sun comment s are scathing. So I could be wrong but this looks like the narc who will smear her victims before she leaves. She is taking her vengeance on the RF Will Kate Harry because she failed? Someone is targeting Rose Kate and Will for sure and MM is the likely suspect.

First of all who the hell is Rose? Are they like best friends or something? And i feel you are right, because this would never be mentioned in the press. That is how air tight they are with their business. it is weird how all of this comes out. Someone really should stand up for themselves because this is pathetic. No one cares who Kate fights with, it’s not our business. But here we are, because someone can’t mind their own business. It has to be in the press. That is the future queen of England. I wouldn’t even think of trying to make her look bad. it’s very childish and stupid.