Queen acknowledged baby in Christmas speech

While I do not believe that MM is pregnant, I do believe there will be a baby and it will be accepted by the BRF. Why do I believe that? Because the Queen herself said, in her Christmas speech, that they will be welcoming a baby this year. Since the BRF amnounce pregnancies after the 12-week mark, we should have heard by now if it were Kate or Eugenie since it has been more than 12 weeks since the Queen’s speech. Since MM is the only pregnant Royal, it must be MM the Queen was referring. Either that or the Queen outright lied to her subjects.

Or she did not know at the time. Which is what i thought because with the moves that are being made now, she definitely knows SOMETHING. I felt she was being kept in the dark, and was only going by news and whatnot. Could be total opposite, we will never know. I’m looking forward to seeing how this gets pulled off lol