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“Look at the so-called competition in cable news — and start with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Her audience has been sold one conspiracy theory, night after night after night. A lie, night after night after night. For 22 months. She has profited from these lies to her audience on a spectacular level.” Oh, now they started calling each other out after everything collapsed. Whose conspiracy theory was the most believable one? lol


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They want our vote now?? Why should we trust them? We can’t, this is clearly a McCarthy style ambush on a sitting president who won the election and the poor LOSERS won’t accept they lost!  If anyone needs investigating is Joe Biden. 

What do the Democrats have? A guy who eats dirt, one who lied and said she is a Native American and a socialist. Okay, Sure Jan.

They can all answer why they railroaded a sitting president? Who started this shit? and why aren’t any of them stuck with anal probes?  Now, they want to go to work with their tails between their legs.  Yeah, that’s the ticket the economy!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

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