Mueller Report~ Let’s Compare and you decide

That’s interesting, and the Democrats should be running on real issues, not witch hunts, aka probes

Of course, Trump has no problem releasing it, and I disagree that the Attorney General intentionally lied in the report. An Attorney is sworn in to uphold the law, especially the AG.

Make it about the issues and not continually attacking President Trump. If they want to keep poking at Russia, Joe Biden got a lot of explaining to do along with his son Hunter!

We will have to wait and see what they release, but it looks like they want this out with transparency so we can all get on with life.  The Democrats can scramble to look for something to run on. IMO the candidates in the running look like quacks.  They couldn’t debate a sixth grader.

OOPS! Democrats gotta let it go

Don Lemon, you indeed are responsible for fake news


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