I never said he was the savior

The Mueller report indicates there was no DELIBERATE collusion but that the Russians DID seek to influence the election. That is what you should be concerned about – Russians tried and in some ways succeeded in influencing the election of the US President. Don’t overlook that. And Trump is not the savior; he is just another version of the power elites.


The office of the President of the United States is the most powerful office in our country today.  The executive branch yields influential power around the world.

President Trump okayed arms deal with Ukraine, hey they aren’t on friendly terms with Russia, are they?

All presidential candidates will reach out to other foreign governments; I don’t know why Joe Biden did ten weeks before he was leaving?

Hillary is what? Elite,  Bernie is a  socialist and the rest of the running mates are dirt eater and a fake native American mouse.  Anyone with balls on your list that has the onions not to be a globalist?

How do you beat a  3% unemployment and gas prices that are helping so many be comfortable for a change? What is your solution and what do you think this country needs because I personally think we should come first for a change.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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2 Comments on “I never said he was the savior”

  1. While I do believe the Russians were involved with the election process. I am hurt by the fact that most people think that we Americans are so stupid that we read what is on the internet and take it as gospel truth. I go on the internet and read all sides. I listen to CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC BBC. Why? because each one gives me their viewpoint not the actual news and then after hearing ALL THE SIDES of the story because they each give their version I find out what is truly happening. Stats can be lied about but their are many many sites that can help you go through them. Rep polls lean rep, dem lean dem etc.

    1. Cheryl! If you read I’ve been a staunch Democrat my entire life; I didn’t even want to talk about politics for the last three years! I didn’t know who to believe and I was embarrassed to support the president, but I had to look at what is happening in my life right now, and I think you should too.

      Are you better off under Trump? Are you working? Is your families small business working again? Mine is!

      Is immigration to this country being handled fairly? When I mean immigration, are the people who filled out their paperwork to enter out county legally and who have waited their turn treated fairly? Why should we allow illegal aliens from any country? This what I can’t decide, because I love the Mexican’s and South Americans. I don’t know what we should do?? When you meet real people you can’t help but fall in love with them, they bring so much culture and then there are the criminals?? What’s the right thing to do? Anyone? Please give your opinions!

      Why should we give other people who entered under false a pretense a fair shake? Would any country do this?
      I would love to read a fair but honest argument.

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