yes, let’s remember that Lainey amazingly found a random tweet which was almost immediately deleted and this tweet was from a SH member and a person who attended the SH Amsterdam party and also was the one who tweeted about said party, therefore, giving us the info Harry was there with MeAgain. What a coincidence right?

So a very obvious attempt to smear the future King and his wife. While I find this reprehensible and malicious I have to say – why is the BRF not defending their own? A smear such as this regarding the future King? At a time when Kate and Will are especially liked as an alternative to the trash, we get from Harry and Meghan? And what does it do to the future of the monarchy if anyone is stupid enough to accept this? Yet another Windsor cheating on their wife? It finishes them. Yet still, we see nothing done to end this or to curb (better still get rid of) Meghan Markle who has started all this.

What the hell is going on? What is wrong with them? Clearly, this comes from Markle and yet they cannot curb her? And what about Harry? Is this the info or some of the info he shared with her that forced him to marry her? As winkie used to say “protect what he had to protect” from the infamous “fraud of trust”? Is it something he told her and she is now exaggerating it?

And where is The Sun in all this? They just defended Markle from the semi-nudes being sold on eBay.

And the rumor is that Markle is actually staying with Emily Andrews.

We all remember how many fraudulent stories about fake dates came from The Sun and the photoshopped pics or pics from December being published in The Sun as if they came from February to make it appear Harry had taken the creepy one out in February. Or those photoshopped pics from Pippa’s wedding or the fake vacation to Africa in August. What exactly is The Sun (and Murdoch’s) role in this? Have we overlooked something?


Meghan Markle is staying with Emily Andrews?😹😹😹  Who would make up fiction like that?  Think about it, the Royals would not let her go near any news person even if she was kicked out.  They would put her up somewhere they could keep an eye on her.  MM would be a threat to the Crown.  MM would run to Soho House and stay there or get the hell out of the country.

The Sun has done a lot of photoshopping, yes I agree there.  Keeping the narrative alive to sell papers.

The date night was from constant media, and we tracked it back to November or December, This so-called agency ended going with her to India to do the picture, they have since disappeared.

I posted the topless girl’s vacation pictures minus the nipple shot. Maybe it’s the fake topless from snap chat.  They are not her; neither is the fake porn shot, that’s not Markus Anderson, he’s not called Princess A for anything.

There is one thing, back in Feb or March 2017 a source told me and NYC  that Markle shopped around a recording at Kruger and Cowne for 35 million and was meeting with Murdoch’s people or Murdoch himself.  I don’t know what came of it.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Don’t trust Murdoch as far as I could throw him … not a nice man, trust me

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