The Sun ~ Saffron Aldridge~ MM new bff for now

Saffron is married to British hedge fund financier Ian Wace, and the pair attended Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall with the couple in January.

Charlotte Wace ring some bells!


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6 Comments on “The Sun ~ Saffron Aldridge~ MM new bff for now”

  1. Surprised?! I nearly lost my bottle when I read about their connection. The published author of the doxxing article is related to MMs new bestie – I swear, this just gets more bizarre by the day ☮️

    1. OMG! Barb! I couldn’t believe it myself. This tells us they are all in it together!
      Carolyn Graham, ( linked to Sheridan) West coast reporter for the Daily Mail did the interviews with Tom Markle! Coleman Raynor did the Markle family pictures, Reitman’s photos, the flyovers the country bolt hole in Cotswolds.

      The Daily Mail has been the culprit all along! Feeding the positive and negative for over two years! I’m not sorry, but Piers Morgan may not be is as innocent as we think about being ghosted.

      This has been one big ruse since day one!

      They are hand feeding us a spoonful of bullshit for what? Brexit? The USA? metoo? Times Up? Trump? What is it?

      1. More complex than that. Check this lady on YouTube out JD – Amazing Polly
        I viewed a couple of her videos today. One on the Jussie, Lawyers & NX link & another on Jussie & why the Child Trafficking agent got involved early on in his case … links seem to be everywhere- Hollywood heavyweights, Politicians, Lawyers, Cartels, Music industry people, Talent agencies ….
        be interested to hear your thoughts JD 😊☮️

      2. I meant to say it makes me wonder if there is a connection between MMs appearance on the scene & the damage she’s being allowed to get away with (WHY is everyones question) & the celebrity stuff happening in America ie: pedos, traffickers et al

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