Life Happens

Life happens, and you have to do what, what you must do, I’m doing it.  It’s going slow right now cos I don’t know how to do to it, but you go on about doing it and learning as you go! LOL Renovations, ugh!

In the interim, you meet and grow close to the nicest people that happened to fall in life’s path. Well, I have a bunch of good people from Ohio. It brings back the days where I could once sit and talk to my dad Jim, who grew up on a farm who raised everything from the ground up!  I miss him every day of my life, and he was my world, I was his baby girl!  I know that some of you can understand this and you know how I feel, as I sit here like a dope in tears I miss him but remember him fondly.

A bunch of millenniums wouldn’t know the first thing about a farm and where your food actually comes from, and it would turn your stomach to no end with my conversations the past few days.

I’ve lived all over the east coast and am quite fond of the southern and mountain people of the Carolina’s.  Have you ever have heard? They are good people? They are the people I’m talking about, and I can proudly add the Ohioan’s like those good people.

When people yammer on about recycling and reuse well darling’s they have done that since the dawn of time.  No animal part was ever wasted and was always used to make something tasty like the saying goes you remember when grandmas used to make us this? Or that?  It still does happen today, and you’d never eat another chicken McNugget again after tonight’s convo? LOL, They are truckers that see this only a daily basis! 😖

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The last few nights we have discussed what our mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers had to do to feed the family. Of course, I couldn’t even imagine it now, and it was a hard life where duty was to family and to the country.  I appreciate them for their hard work and perseverance to make our countries what they are today.


These brave people fought world wars, struggled through depressions, starvation to make the world a better freer place is today.  Hate to say this, but these young kids don’t have a 🤬ing clue what hard is today!

It’s not about you, it’s about all of us, and it’s about time to teach the next generation some appreciation because this generation really doesn’t have the respect for the elderly with wisdom.

Stumper for the young, Pickled Pigs Feet? Gizzards? What to do with the intestine of the animal? The meek (people who know survival skills) shall inherit the earth.

This goes out to my dear friend Ohio John who served in the Vietnam war proudly, who did what his country asked of him and worked the farm to feed his family and America. That’s making America Great Again!   What makes any country great!  I love you, my dear friend, it’s platonic.

To folks at Nissan in Tennessee who gave back to the employees a decent wage, a job, homes, medical for the rest of their lives. They invested in their employees as any family would, thank you!  On behalf of Terry’s and Mona’s sister.  This is what all companies should strive to be. It’s the people who count.



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2 Comments on “Life Happens”

  1. I totally understood every word you said and felt every emotion with you. I miss my dad every day of my life. He’s still here in my living room on the coffee table.
    I was his little girl, the baby and I will miss him until my dying day . I get where your stuck in renovations . I privately send you picture this mess. Don still going everyday 100 miles and taking care dad and coming back. I. Totally lost right now. Month gone . Not much accomplished and I have vendor event in Naples Weds night trying right now figure out. I so get it. I’m crying allot lately. Love you. I was thinking last month. I thought my one true friend in life was Wendy from Minnesota I knew since 12 but you know she isn’t. She hasn’t been here when I needed someone. She’s here when she wants to have fun. Lik3 she says she’s a princess. Oh my we all know what happens to princesses. I did realize that I do have one true friend for well most of your life and allot of mine. That’s you. You don’t show often but if I’m in need all 8 do is pray and you show up. I love you…..

    1. I love you, Jeanne, I’m going to be close by until I die. I hope Don’s dad gets better a femur is pretty painful to break. God gives you what you can handle, but gosh darn, I’m not a weightlifter. I silently pray for God to give me continued strength.

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