Tumblrs @aeltrileaf ~ Smollet Cas~ Child Trafficking


This is speculation until proven otherwise.  I knew it!  There is a connection to Metoo and Times Up!

Thank you to @aetrileaf from tumblr for her hard work putting the links together. She is working hard to expose these creeps! Don’t forget to like, comment and reblog using the URL to your blog.

Sexual abuse is a crucial topic, and these animals need to be locked up. Help drain the swamp! Make awareness today.

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3 Comments on “Tumblrs @aeltrileaf ~ Smollet Cas~ Child Trafficking”

  1. This video is one from the lady I wrote you about yesterday JD … 🙏😊

    1. oh, Barb, I’m so sorry, it’s been nuts lately. I’ve been friends with aeltrileaf for over two years, and the Meghan Markle case does cross over into her case! Soho is cesspool! She covers Benedict Cumberbatch it appears that anyone who joins there is always some dirty dealings that go with it. I really believe we are close to blowing this thing wide open. Keep praying!

      PS: aeltrileaf has been harassed ungodly and when I reblogged one of her post I received warning anons that tried to intimidate me. We tied the players altogether, I’m so proud of the work we have done. This has been a tremendous team effort. We are not out of the woods yet, but we will catch our breath and will have our day in the sun.

      1. I’m now following aeltrileaf & I will reblog her as well. So thankful this is (hopefully) being busted wide open. I keep thinking of a blog I saw months & months ago. Something about people wouldn’t believe the truth because it’s unbelievable. I believe. You & a couple of others are on the right path, as unpalatable as it’s going to be.
        We need to remember ‘it’s always the darkest before the dawn’

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