Mirror ~ Prince Harry and MM in Africa??

This is the only time I’ve seen Harry with shorts on in Africa; I keep up with all things Harry for the last three years.

There is something that bugs me about this picture and before you start screaming at me, look at all the evidence.  August 2016 Meghan was on a perpetual girls trip; there were rumors she did meet him in Africa. However, she was still living with Corey at the time and stayed in touch with him.

Cara and Margot Robbie said at the premiers of Suicide Squad in August 2016 that Harry was quick to text.

Please keep in mind that Harry invited many girls to come and visit him in Africa.  Meghan is not the kind of girl to get down and dirty in a field.  Maybe a hotel room but not a field.


MM PH Africa, cloning, photoshop detection

I used Forensically, free online https://29a.ch/photo-forensics/#clone-detection

It is a wonderful tool, easy to use. There are standard filters that Instagram uses but there been some work done; it’s really good this time.

Meghan has the same problem that other light skin people get, we get blotchy in the sun.

I hope you all can see this, if someone could please enlarge this for me I’d be grateful.

MM back sun blotchiness


One more thing, why didn’t she release them earlier unless they were the ones she had left in 2017



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2 Comments on “Mirror ~ Prince Harry and MM in Africa??”

  1. Its already been debunked – saw something on tumblr. The chick pictured isn’t even her

    1. I saw the girl they are talking about, and it’s not the same, the shoes don’t match, body shape is wrong, the hair texture is wrong. I have to say that it is inconclusive. I have seen Meghan wear those boots. The tank top is common. It’s utterly excellent photoshopping, or it could be real. I have said that Meghan did have extra photos to use and this may have been one of them. At that time she was a booty call.

      No inside source at the time was admitting she went; they tried to cover as much up as possible.

      I’ve seen just about every picture of Harry for the 500 elephants I’ve never seen him look like that. Why would you take a newbie next to a bull elephant, it takes training and time is of the essence when dealing with a massively doped up elephant that will kill you with ease.

      There is some photoshopping done, and there are also some normal IG filters in place. There isn’t any massive pixelation around the bodies to indicate they were placed there.

      Harry does bring girls to Africa for a quick bootie call, Meghan wouldn’t be the first, and she won’t be the last. Like I said before there were rumors she went in August, most importantly she was still with Corey at the time.

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