The Sussex Name

I am copying my blog post here because i am a lazy bitch and i think it makes sense. Assholes. 😒

So, I was at the doctor’s office today, because my doctor is a total fucking ditzy idiot, and I was listening to a talk show, or news broadcast, and they were talking about the poor guy that got bullied out of his twitter handle. They were in disbelief and even they said that wasn’t right, they should have asked him first. So they completely stole the name and won’t even bother to apologize or say shit to him. THIS is why i do not like the both of them. Harry was raised better than this. Harry should have known better. If she did this he should have stopped her, and be gracious enough to contact him. But that is ok, the guy got mad followers since then, and people are sympathetic. I’m so disgusted with the both of them.