Must read article! Has the British Press turned on Harry & Meg?

This is Reuters with comments from the one person I trust in the know is Arthur Edwards, this delightful man has witnessed history over the course of his years covering the Royals. Arthur witnessed the people prince being jovial and kind to secretive.


“When you went on tour with Harry before he was married, it was a fantastic tour. Every day he would make great pictures, he would do something that was spectacular,” Edwards said. “We think he’s the best thing in the royal family.”

But since Harry tied the knot, something changed, he said.

Those who write about the royals say the problem is not so much the media itself, but vicious comments from online trolls and heated social media arguments involving Meghan’s fans. The rise in such abuse led Britain’s royals to unveil a new online protocol last month warning users of possible police action.

It’s a must read