Tumblr anon said: I stumbled upon Anne Boleyn

I stumbled upon Anne Boleyn post believes critics are middle-aged u.s. White women who believe in Disney princesses, feel connected w Diana’s fairytale, so they bash, troll mm. For a feminist, she is the epitome of the Cinderella complex.
MM fear of independence, desire to be taken care of by others, pale males as evident in the past. MM financial dependency of pale males uses them emotionally seems to be mo. One twisted, ignorant person claims white women trolls while lies, deceit are MM tools.
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I agree with this analogy of MM; I still can’t believe she gets away with this.  It’s not always the press taking liberties; it’s MM controlling the narrative.  She is a desperate bore in need of constant attention.
Let me remind everyone that a tipster claimed that Markle would announce her pregnancy at or around Eugenie wedding and this has happened. I was advised in August that she would be pulling a fake pregnancy and what did I think about this?
MM and Harry went to Soho House Amsterdam to party for three days, confirmed and documented. Meghan later said directly to the Hubb ladies that she wanted to tell them she was pregnant the last time she saw them on September 20th was it? The next day she flew out to Amsterdam.
MM doesn’t know when she is due, has not seen Royal Doctors, what else are we to think with rising and disappearing bumps on the Australian tour and now??
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