tumblr anon said: That post about Jewish Bolsheviks

That post about Jewish Bolsheviks and making the holocaust pale, by comparison, is appalling. Just appalling. Jewish people are being attacked, and schools and Synagogues around the world have to be guarded, alt right posts like this make it worse.
Thank you for your opinion; it’s an extreme point of view. I warned it’s out there.  Part one I could wrap my head around but part two was pretty darn rough. It was uncomfortable.
I’m sorry you were offended we do need to hear opposing points of view from people like yourself.  This is what makes free speech work. 😎🌸😎


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  1. Truth is sometimes uncomfortable. But truth people can work with. Lies just confuse & make muddy water muddier (imo) 🙏☮️

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