Anon submits UK child abuse~ NXIVM ~ MM~ PH

#sextrafficking in the UK? #sexscandals #pedofiles the British public is sick of their politicians and MIGRANTS raping their girls and getting away with it.

What will they think when they find the #duchessofSUSSEX is a member and close associate of the #NXIVM sex cult and her sole mission was to go in and destroy whatever goodwill they had left? #SaveHarry.

Beware of controlled opposition. Harry is not innocent here, but he will be “saved.” The lad has as randy a rep as his uncle, no worse than many lads but the image is everything. He’s also reputed to be “thick as two planks,” but the public loved the cheery ginger who brightened every room.

Now he’s been reduced to a papping, merching, idiot and the public is screaming for a REPUBLIC this only helps #REMAIN. Harry is not innocent, his sexy times and big mouth got him into trouble. But is he any worse than Andy? (no likely not THAT bad) Or Uncle David the Nazi?

The #queen has always weathered controversy with grace and dignity and #ThickHarry will be preserved, but how to exit #MeghanMarkle? Play out the due date, forbid #surrogate fakery and let the British Public see for themselves. Ultimately, though Harry is NOT innocent here (really Harry? This old washed up tart?), he will weather the storm, and in the future, he may be a bit more careful about sticking his dick in crazy.

Thank you anon for your opinion, MM is friends with one of the Bronfman’s sisters. As the evidence comes in, I will post it here. From what I’ve read and heard they’re are singing like canaries and those nasty pedos are all connected in a giant global network.  May they be castrated and burned at the stake. 🌸😎


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