A Couple Things..

My blog is deleted. And I’m not bringing it back. All this meghan bullshit, people are trolling and playing mad games. At this point I give no fucks if there’s a baby or not. People threatening JD, saying she’s been paid NO ONE HAS BEEN FUCKING PAID FOR SHIT. None of us has been paid shit, she runs this website out of the goodness of her heart. Too many trolls, so many games. Do you really think this chick is worth it? I bet you she is playing everyone, but we have these assholes that threat and start drama, and the ones that run to bloggers starting more drama. I’m officially done after this, I want nothing else to do with those people, and I’m sure JD feels the same. Enough is enough. Grow the fuck up.

Our regulars: we appreciate you so much. And we will be here as long as you would have us.

Much Love,

Vintage ❤️


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  1. So sorry for all this. Unfortunately their are cruel, ignorant, stupid, evil, etc people all over . Their sick minds can’t handle the truth or opinions of others. These people tend be of a lower IQ. I wish you well. Don’t let people get to you. Start laughing at them because their opinions DoNOT matter. You know the truth and for goodness sakes it’s just a blog. Have fun with it. But if JD life threatened then maybe right action. Take care, take time, take a vacation and see if calms down….. never quit because of trolls.

    1. I had a blog on Tumblr also. Maybe you remember dyedinwool, maybe not. I deleted everything I could because bloggers, just like us, attacked me for what I posted then made fun. I look at a few blogs to read, bloggers i think i can trust in what they say. Never comment. Never get involved. I read a few on WordPress also. I enjoyed blogging and I miss it. I’ll never do it again. When bloggers who are supposed to have similar thoughts and interests attack you over a minor observation and believe themselves to be right (even though most still hold with my own view from their own conclusions) it’s enough. I’m done and won’t risk what they may attack me over next time. It’s a shame.

  2. I fully support both of you. I could not care less about M and H they are both losers and not worth giving a damn about. Get a life people.

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