Vintage and JD !!!

Vintage and JD !!!! Please, DONT GO ANYWHERE. Some people think you are pro MM now. Its laughable. It truly is. Facing the reality doesn’t mean you’ve become MM’s fans. If some still want to live in a fantasy world, let it be. I just think that at the end of the day, this shit show will end badly. And it will end sooner than later. But until now, we are all spectators. We cannot do anything, and we dont need to do anything.

No love we are not going anywhere, this site will still be on but not as much will be talked about those two jackasses. I don’t like them, i despise them. They can think what they want. And you’re right we all speculate. But there are some people that take it way too far. And it needs to stop. I should have deleted my blog after that doxing, but i didnt. I admit i wanted to stick around to see what happens but people are seriously being childish and i can’t deal with that. i love the tumblr family i do, and i want them to watch their own backs. Because there could be mad trolls coming to them and they don’t deserve that. I’m just not beat for it anymore.

I adore you. And we will still be here, even if the subject is home renovation or psychology. LOL