I hate to see these blogger fights and I think bloggers should avoid commenting on the beliefs of other bloggers so we do not have blogger wars. I am breaking my own rule now because I think it is easy to fall prey to people with agendas who come to the sites and make claims that seem authoritative but are misleading. I don’t think Skippy is naïve she has shut down a number of frauds coming to the site especially lately. But we know some people want to control the narrative and so try to influence both Skippy and JD. JD has shaken that off. Personally I don’t doubt Meghan comes to sites she commented on DM for heaven’s sake. But I do doubt MM is homeless or some of the more outrageous things being said. I also think sadly the BRF will cover up this fake baby because they are terrified of scandal. They seem to not see they can die by 1000 small scandals as thoroughly as one big scandal. Death by 1000 cuts. And MM and Harry are a constant source of scandal. I am disgusted with myself for having fallen for Harry’s pr image. I really thought he was someone special (the Invictus thing persuaded me) and now I see he is just another wannabe on the make.

I’ll just say this. I adore Skippy, and i don’t want to see her hurt. She will fight to the death for the monarchy, because she is a part of the commonwealth. It is expected. What i don’t want is people taking advantage of that. I know her and JD have their things, and that is theirs to eventually work out, if it will. What i also don’t want is people jumping from blog to blog, trying to get other bloggers fighting or what not. it is ridiculous. Why fight over someone that was a Z list actress. The tumblr team will continue to express their thoughts and feelings. As they should. They have worked their asses off to get that message out. I applaud them absolutely. But I am tired. As for Harry i have lost all respect for him. Because this should have been shut down a long time ago. It’s not up to his family to do it, it is up to HIM. if he shut this down then we would not be here right now with this shit. We would be talking about Shephard’s Pie and cakes lol

And don’t be disgusted for falling for his PR Image. A lot of us did. There are some of his fans that are probably disappointed and confused. That harry is the one we respected. This one I don’t even know wtf. Dumping his friends, all this crap, it’s bullshit.