About Winky?

As soon as the anon, mentioned her in their post, I just wonder if she showed up on your blog by any chance, JD? I would be glad to hear from her even if she was a troll, lol. Do you think she was simply trolling us?

Have you heard anything from NYC and Felix? I know many people became totally disappointed with Harry, reconsidered their support for him and moved on with their lives.

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Wink is still watching; they are all on the radar.

No, I don’t think Wink was a troll, she loved Harry, and I know she was as shocked as everyone else how this is unfolding.

Felix is stopping by and not saying anything; we have reached out but nothing.

NYC and her merry band, I think they are close, stealth mode.

That seems to be the narrative being pushed right now; the best thing to do is to stop but stay informed.  We are in some scary times with Brexit.  Pray for the UK that they get Brexit and maybe we will see the charlatan go.  Life hangs in the balance for the next week.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎