Anonymous said: This whole shit show is a wreck!💩

1 of 2) This whole shit show is a wreck! I want to look/walk away from, but I keep getting sucked back in ha. Still, this is all too much what with the contradictions, lies, far fetched theories, attacks, etc… so unless you are one of the taxpayers helping to support these people, I suggest letting things go!
Harry/Meg (and possibly the BRF as a whole) aren’t even worth all of this regardless of how things go or end up. I wish I could block any and all things BRF for the next 3-5 years.
You know it! Thank God, there are better things, more important things than a deadbeat actress playing a role with her botoxic stares. She creeps me out with her gazes of nobody is home and her fake bump.  Have the spawn of Satan already! I’m joking, of course, but I do fear for the child well being in such a volatile situation. We all know she is going to milk that kid for the rest of her life! Fact! That is the sad part of this.
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The British press is kind of Bi-polar and hypocritical, calling Me and others Vile trolls while they do the same 💩. We count on them for information, but some are exactly what they said not to do?? Confused, me too. 😂
They need to get rid of the troll farm ASAP and let normal unpaid people state their god given opinions without fear of losing their jobs.
I want to throw this out there; it came to my attention from a source that some reporters are being paid off!  Now, you’re thinking, yeah, JD who didn’t know that. We suspected, now we know, tsk tsk.
I never received part two, and my anon is on  it won’t get lost there.  I had a troll infestation growing and had to take some steps.  The plugin disagreed with the anon plugin, ugh!  We are back on track again.
New steps are people become spectators first and move up from there. Contact me by email if you want to become an author and please get the WordPress app.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎Keep em coming


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