if the RF knew she was not pregnant and Harry obviously knows he has made that clear with his pillow antics in Morocco and the “is it mine” then why the hell did they let it go this far? Why didn’t they stop her from the very beginning when she announced it in AUS? What the heck does she have on them that they let her get away with this crap? The rumor about W and K traces right back to her, she has had on her many twitter accounts gone after Kate over and over again how does the RF justify this? I don’t get it do they have a death wish?

I was wondering the same as you love. My personal opinion, is that they do not give a shit. If she is being protected, then that proves right there that they don’t care, and that’s what pisses me off. And also I don’t believe the cheating rumors, especially when the Cambridges have consulted a lawyer to shut them down. William has 3 young kids. I really don’t see how he has the time to cheat. i mean really. lol