Anon submitted: To The Hysterical MM Blog Poster

To The Hysterical MM  Blog Poster

I don’t know whether to laugh or (ok I’m laughing). Are you all just pretending to believe so as not to miss any possible sauce? Our crafty MM who has managed to somehow sneak and post bleating yet realistic “anon asks blog” posts in coffee shops (before they are even open) using the store wifi (cough) using cell phones that have internet and don’t need wifi…I tell you this is nail-bitingly fascinating…what will BloggyMeg do next? Oh that girl.. She’s switched from Android for Samsung 9.2 internet (indicating that person is using a damn cell phone…aka phonefagging) to using an IOS cell device…holy shit that meg has a lot of tricks in her bag. whomever is trolling that one…keep at it, it is hysterical.

Thank you for sending this in,  🌸😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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