Blue Blood Collection

So if any of you did not know, a few weeks back Jeffree Star came clean about a horrible break in that happened at his warehouse. The thieves stole over 2.5 million dollars worth of product. AND to top it all off the idiots began advertising his stolen product on Facebook Marketplace. They were working with the black market, and the items appeared online on various sites. FBI and other law enforcement was involved of course. I believe they are being handled, couple of them are in jail.

Now, his Blue Blood Collection. I WANT IT!! Even though i don’t wear eye shadow I will buy this and start. The pigments are so awesome, and with me having a darker complexion I think i can pull it off. Check out his website, and see for yourself. the price is steep but honestly I will pay it. LOL Oh, and his lipsticks are bomb too.

Blue Blood Palette