Things are about to change, are you ready?

Could come any day, don’t be afraid to speak out for what you believe in, follow your beliefs and don’t be scared to be proud of where you came from.  Hold those traditions close to your heart.

Fight for what you believe in, don’t let people make you feel bad, you have that right to free speech. Who likes beige anyway, don’t let them change the world into gender neutral, washed down humans.  Let men be men and women be women if you’re somewhere between that’s okay too. It’s up to you! Not anyone else.

Times up! Alright! You are about to get your freedoms back to call out the injustice in the world without getting tread on by people who try to shame you, call you racist, nationalist. Stand tall, be proud, speak up! Let’s blow up the globalist narrative together!

To Julian Assange safe trip to the states.   💋 There is a treason treaty between the  UK and the US, throw MM on that plane.

Good night my friends, more to come. 🌸😎JD



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  1. Stand up for what you believe is the truth. Don’t be drowned out by those who want to change the narrative to suit their agenda.

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