Impeachment~ voters will be angry and will go to the right- timing is relevant

Congress deciding not to impeach because of the timing is irrelevant to what I said. I said that you misunderstood what was in the report and that you should read it for yourself. Everyone needs to be informed about what is going on.

Blindly believing other people’s spin has been ruining this country for decades. Mueller didn’t find him innocent in any way. He just admits he doesn’t have the authority to indict. The only reason he said that he wasn’t guilty of conspiracy is because he wasn’t the one doing the hacking and he didn’t directly order Russia to do it.

He did, however, cooperate with Russia and sell America out. A patriot could never support someone who did that. This should be a nonpartisan issue. Mueller is a Republican. This is incredibly serious and making it Democrats vs Republicans is narrow-minded. This is an issue of national security.

Obama needs to be called out for not stopping them, but Trump encouraging them is worse. They both fucked up. This country is screwed if we keep dividing ourselves by party. Neither party is completely good or bad. We need to be able to treat candidates as individuals rather than everyone aligning themselves with a political party. I never said what my political party was and your assumption proves my point. Read the report.


Thanks for your opinions, timing is very relevant as we have election gearing up and the attempt to keep throwing this in the public voting face in insulting to millions of us at spending this amount money and not dealing with facts.  To run on this is a huge mistake; there is no evidence that Trump is involved, he cooperated and never invoked privilege.  Illegal leaks from the Democrats is telling to keep the shit show going.  Obama started this in 2014, not Trump.  Maybe I don’t understand everything thoroughly, but I’m catching on quickly.  I believe I provided the necessary links for you.

Oh My God! Special council Mueller is Republican!  Let’s start the bonfire that a special council conspired to let the President get away with something that Obama did (sarcasm).  What did he sell out, anon? Did you know he would have loved to fire Mueller but listened to his counsel not to do that?

People going into politics mostly want to serve the people and do it well.  Some are POS and in time will be voted out or when those emails are explained the house of cards are going to come tumbling down on the elite who think they can get away with human violations.  It’s huge!

Anon, I know you didn’t watch the provided video that MI6 got involved in our election. The dossier was fake, manufactured lies from who?  yeah, um hmm

Here is Barr


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  1. I watched this the other day on YT. Totally off beam but am I the only one who thinks AG Barr looks like Elton John? 😊☮️

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