Anonymous said:Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them?

Yikes, why would they want to martyr Meghan and Harry by exiling them? The optics are such that William (and by extension, Kate) look petty and small. This isn’t coming off as a power move at all.
It’s speculation, and the Express article does make William and Kate out to be the bad guys once again.  Don’t give it any attention, when I came home last night and saw that, UGH!  I’ve said there is something brewing it would be around the time that something like this reared its head.
We have to wait because the shit show changes all the time. How else was MM going to get any press while on maternity leave?  She likes to shock people.
The blind is much more interesting then Harry and MM move to Africa.  Maybe MM will move to LA and Harry will stay safely in the UK where he belongs. I would expect him to go to Africa where he loves to do his job with Sentebale and work on Elephant relocation.  Not for years, no way.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎🐰✡


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