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Aeltrileaf is a very interesting person and her posts are varied with what she likes, there is more to her than keeping up with pizzagate and pedogate.  She smart, well written and can argue back with ease. These things I love about our friendship.

Okay, well a little bit about this indy band

5 questions for Costa Rican band Magpie Jay

They are from Costa Rica and their music for the soul warrants furthering investigation for your ears.  Sit down with a glass of wine and jam out and dream of these amazing jungles and seascapes of Costa Rica.  Add them to your collection of music and follow them on FaceBook or Twitter.

Band Members
Julián Garita (Voz)
Felipe Apéstegui (Guitarra)
Felipe González (Bajo)
Sebastián Suñol (Batería)
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