Anonymous said: Lolly at what we are getting this week

Lolly at what we are getting this week in Phoenix tv, a royal baby special. Lol, channel 15, Sonoran living.
Let’s look at some links, and this should be fun.

Reportedly, means they don’t know, and paps are camped, there would be pics and who cares if she is Oprah friend

Even though the palace came out with its speculation

For weeks, the British media has been filled with mostly-unfounded rumors and “tips” by anonymous sources about the manner in which Prince Harry’s wife is experiencing the final moments of her pregnancy:

  • That she is capricious and extremely demanding with her staff
  • That she has decided to have the baby at home
  • That she is breaking all the royal rules concerning the birth of royal babies.

It has become a challenge to sort out the truth from the fake.

Okay, Pierce is still going strong on Social Climber Meg, we approve! lol

Talking of open letter that’s smart and snarky about pregnancy, it really sucks after you give birth, but this is the Royal photo call that the people want and like.

Suck it, princess, you signed up for the job and since when is Meghan Markle camera shy?  Something is wrong, and as the world can see, they are using a surrogate.  Knock the shit off and grow up, praise the mother who carried the sprout being the ridiculously strong feminist yachter that you are. 🙄

Today the due date, poop the child out already, we are aging over here for goodness sake.

Nothing else to write about

Didn’t we see Zara heavily pregnant to greet HM? Go to the wedding of the Frogmore’s? It’s church and HM birthday! 

You get the picture, lots of speculation and no baby, no Doria. Hey! We did get a blind item that a palace employee is shopping for a house in LA with a 10million dollar range. That one I believe, and it won’t be for Harry.  

Thank you anon, Happy Easter Monday! 🌸😎🐰



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  1. For the record, I, for one, am not a subject of H&Ms – I am a subject of Her Majesty QEII. Where do these rags get their Royal protocol info from …. Meghan? 🙄

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