the link~ William and Harry

Regardless, MM is the Duchess of Difficult; they didn’t research enough that says MM  made Kate cry during the kids fitting, the staff is leaving, the staff is walking around on eggshells. Meghan allegedly threw a cup of tea on her assistant, and she quit.  The shots of MM giving Kate the stink eye. Yeah, there’s no problem there. 

He entitled to his opinion; I do agree the boys are in disagreement over the countless articles trashing Kate and William, that’s not all press doing, they had a little help in that department.  I will stick up for Royal Reporters on this one since I’ve been watching since day one.

I appreciate you bringing back the link.  Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Well there’s a new blind out so there’s your answer lol we all knew it anyway

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