This is ridiculous

Oh God, you were said to be pro-MM and paid off … it’s so ridiculous!! Thinking rationally and seeing things how it is doesn’t mean you’ve changed your mind and all of a sudden become pro-MM. Look, one knows who torontopaper is. I personally think they are trolling everyone around. Playing games … How many times we have been played?

Many times, they are larping everyone and I listened to the anon and sat back and watched them. People were to dumb to put two and two together. Toronto paper is a troll that takes the ridiculous shit being said and puts a mysterious spin on it. It doesn’t make the bloggers they are using anymore credible. On the contrary, they are making fun of them.

I was never paid off, I would never go pro-Markle.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😎


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  1. Sigh I can’t believe this is still being discussed. JD is the last person in this world who would ever become pro Markle. The concept is laughable.

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