Working on the house this weekend, MM London Marathon

Thank you for being patient, I’m still working on the house.

Vintage tells me MM was given patronage for the London Marathon, okay we can clearly see they are still covering for her.  That means Meghan is here to stay, and I don’t like it any more than the next guy.

I believe it should be what Harry wants, Harry gets, not the Meghan narrative.  They drop nasty stuff online and get rewarded, that is the outrageous part about this.  I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but thems the apples!

Harry is happier doing solo engagements, and he is uptight enabling his narcissist, it must be hell, but we can’t change anything. Harry will one day realize he has had enough and until that day, laugh at it, it’s a circus that will never end.

No, thank you! I’m not shutting my blog down. I don’t appreciate the strong-arming. 🌸😎💋


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4 Comments on “Working on the house this weekend, MM London Marathon”

  1. Why on earth would Meghan be given patronage? What does she have to do with the London Marathon? Man, they’re really scraping the barrel with things to give her to make it look like she’s doing something worthwhile.

  2. Hey JD, have fun with the new 🏡 I am also doing the same. I agree with you she is going nowhere so get used to it people. The BRF will accept the baby even though it was via other than from her. They are happy to accept the leaks and the bullshit stories. They are happy to be made to look like a laughing stock. They are happy people hate her and she is so unpopular and happily accepting her love of spending the publics money even though there are more people living in poverty in the UK than since the Great Depression and they are happy Harry and Meghan are ruining the BRF and the institution forever.

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