The PR War Continues the Narrative

yeah, the pr war continues and we the people watching are their foot soldiers. He is being used by both sides to maintain the narrative. MM does it for fame fortune and the fulfillment of her delusional quest for global status as some sort of icon. The BRF is fighting to preserve the Monarchy, and then Harry is fighting to keep his privileges. Who wins who loses? Whatever the RF will still be rich when it ends.

I don’t believe she was ever pregnant; the bouncing baby bum was not ever believable. But is there are surrogate? If there is, does it have Harry’s DNA? Or some of Windsor’s DNA?

One thing I notice is what I took for Harry’s enthusiasm in the past is actually an almost manic state. Is it Harry’s anxiety trying too hard? Or is he “chemically enhanced”? Lots of comments in the DM about Harry being high. He looked it, but it could be he knows the criticisms, and he is so anxious he is going overboard. But we also know his reputation so it could be the white stuff.
Watch to be entertained but don’t invest in this.


Anon, this can’t go on forever, something got to break soon.  With the delivery of baby Sussex, many heads will explode and yell Harry is playing a role!

This is how the Royal family roles, no matter what, he is their prince.  I think we can all agree that Cambridge’s didn’t deserve this slander. William never cheated on Kate, and the vilification of Kate was unnecessary.  All I can think of celebrity death match.

Thank you anon, happy days, Felix is back!



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