Exposing Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is one way to salvage Harry, but I doubt such exposure looks like jail. Clean and quick. They may just let her divorce him walk away. I don’t think there is going to be a kid, but I have been wrong before.


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Expect the unexpected is the quote this weekend.  We’ve have been told before they won’t expose MM but who knows for sure as we get into the home stretch.

It all depends on how merciful they want to be to the charlatan grifter who thinks she has superpowers the real powers will step aside and let her fall hard, and that’s the backers!  You have to think outside the box, Soho House is chump change compared to these power brokers.

The race baiting isn’t going to work, the narrative that these powerhouses have created will fail.  We need to stand together and say, oh hell no!  It’s all a giant lie to get people fighting when we were doing just fine together.

I support Brexit, and I pray that the United Kingdom is released from the evils of the EU.  The refugees were supposed to be Syrian not the continent of Africa!  Wake up! People must be vetted before entering a country; don’t let them change the values and traditions that make the UK unique.

Markle’s attempt to humiliate the BRF  has only made the people love them more a big Fail!  God save the Queen!

This could go either way, but don’t feel a baby in any way.  I hate to say this but miscarriage to save face.

Thank you anon, have a wonderful Sunday! 🌸😎🌞



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