Yes, I saw the news. No, I don’t believe there isn’t a kid.

Like I keep saying, JD and I have been following this from day one, We have said this could happen. And so it did. No matter what those assholes did to us, I still don’t like them, they can kiss my ass, but I cannot sit and pretend that there is not a child. I was on team fake because it did not look right, there was proof this was fake, but I kept it in the back of my head that she could very well be with child. So, where I am right now, until there is legit proof that there has not been a kid from the beginning, I mean they have to come out and say so, or otherwise. As of now I cannot believe a word that is said, and I won’t. When, and if this happens, I will believe everything that was said, the pics and everything. And apologize. On that note, congratulations to the new parents. And good luck.



3 Comments on “Nope.”

  1. There must be a baby but I think the mother is a surrogate,no first time mother of 38 with any sense would opt for a home birth.then apparently Harry and the RPO’ s rushed her to an unknown private hospital ( believed to be the Portland) but not confirmed,this drama had no witnesses,so far. I believe Harry saw the birth but mum wasn’t Meg,and the baby was handed over to them straight away. we all saw the prosthesis in all of its strange positions,no baby moves the womb over its mums left thigh!

  2. I don’t doubt there is a child. I do doubt she carried & delivered said baby of her body. 😊☮️

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