ah well

I agree there are a lot of discrepancies here. And all this secrecy while they famewhore away? They are doing more pr for this kid than will and Kate did. w and k did there 5 minutes at Lindo at we never saw their babies again for months. harry has now done an interview with one reporter and cameraman that Harry requested and then we get this photo shoot on Wednesday. So more pr over the Sussex baby than the Cambridge baby. But they want privacy. Okay.

My feeling is a surrogate gave birth to Harry’s biological child. Maybe MM’s too maybe not. So Harry got what he wanted a kid. So he can pretend to be daddy just like he pretends to be husband. And he pretended to be so loyal to the Queen and such a hard charity worker.
NYC was right about this – the real Harry is apparent now. A lying selfish man child who marries an escort and betrays his family and undermines the crown. Momma would be proud right? No.


I agree with this, it’s totally controlled by MM and H!  They are getting more bang for the buck but they aren’t trending the poor darlings!

Harry is looking parched! drink some water dude and lay off the suds! Snif, snort!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎👶🏼🤴🏼


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