OMG What a CF! Stop covering for these two!

Rebecca is right the entire commonwealth press core should be furious! Gayle King is not MM friend, but she is with creative artist agency that brought Oprah and other celebs like Clooney’s and Amal to the wedding.  This entire fiasco lives firmly with Harry and Meghan!

The leaks, the backstabbing they have done to Kate and Will, not following orders to do whatever they dam well, please.

It’s time to lash out and say Oh hell no and start asking some serious questions from now on. Matter of fact drop the bomb, it’s time.  You guys have helped create the monster!

The British press will still be on the outside tomorrow.



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One Comment on “OMG What a CF! Stop covering for these two!”

  1. Erm…. Didn’t these two say that they didn’t want to raise their children in a fish bowl? I didn’t believe it coming from MM of course, but going straight to the shark tank is appalling! Learn to swim quickly little one, because what Ursula wants, Ursula gets and she will try to steal your voice just like she did the little merman.

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