Anon said: it was obvious MM was never interested in the Royal Life

JD, its your blog and you can discuss and post on it whatever you want to. However the commie-globalist agenda …? I think its waaaaay too much.

It was obvious from the beginning that MM was never interested in the royal life. She didn’t even bother to pretend she would’ve followed the protocol at some point. Harry was an easy target and got played by those who possible promised he and MM fame and money outside the royal world. /in exchange on what? We don’t know that./ That’s why we have been seeing the unlimited PR campaign which involved the Clooneys, Oprah, Kayla, and Serena …

They would never let their names to link to Markle if she was not married to Harry. The great PR ultimately failed in the US. The majority of the US public never got super excited about so-called America’s Princess. Many people still don’t know who MM is. They never watched Suits.

What did Harry achieve? Nothing. He destroyed his life. He damaged his family by behaving stupidly… What’s next? I think you had the Lily anon. who always told us “MM has no place to go. She is a nothing in the US …” I guess they were right then and they are still right. I think it would be appropriate to say that they BOTH have no place to go. Harry is a nothing without the RF.

The divorce will eventually come. MM has secured her meal ticket. It will be painful and embarrassing to watch when she takes her settlement and move back in LA.


Meghan wanted fame, to become a household name.Ā  What Harry got was a son.Ā  MM will be linked forever to the BRF.

People are entitled to their opinions some may be uncomfortable ones.

Thanks for your opinion, šŸ˜ŽšŸŒø


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