Here is the conspiracy LOL

Gayle King announced that she would have the US exclusive with baby Sussex on April 10th and Harry the creep and Meghan the escort announced a private home birth on April11th. I suspect that is not a coincidence.

The thing is Kings morning show is the lowest ranked US morning show so loser Harry is pairing up with loser Gayle and loser CBS. When Gayle did her Meghan Markle princess show CBS lost 25% of their audience. Markle was a rating dud. She got beat by Master Chef. LOL. Somehow that works for me.

Harry’s going to burn all his bridges and discover he just paired up with a bunch of losers and then Meghan will dump him. God, he is stupid but hey that is a narc for you. Destruction is their thing.


Prince Harry has lost his mind and is extremely ungrateful to the people that supported his family, yes I mean the taxpayers who give him his privileged life.

Can two narcs live under the same roof or is he just a follower of Smegs? Wait until she is finished sucking the life out of him. Somebody has got to wake up and say Harry she is setting your family up for their fall.  This is a bloody nightmare!

How convenient Gayle King a client of creative artist agency, a talent company that most of their new best friends came from, the wedding guest, that Meg never met before. All involved in Metoo and times up, support Harvey Weinstein behavior or looked the other way.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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