Huh? Proud of Harry? for the vets!

I don’t get the proud of Harry stuff. Why be proud of him? That is just the same enabling shit that has turned Harry into the mess he is.

Harry smiles turns on the boyish charm and he gets forgiven. Harry dove into the SH sewer and got a wife there and now probably through a surrogate he got a baby.

He has undermined the Monarchy and caused stress for his family especially a 93-year-old Queen and grandmother. His wife spread rumors about his BROTHER cheating causing pain for his brother his sister in law and his nephews and nieces. But Harry shows up ostensibly to promote the Invictus Games but turns it into and Harry and his new baby pr show and brings out his Diana card and all is forgiven.

Enabling. So Harry can continue his oblivious path of messing up only this time with a kid. I would think it great if he cleaned up but the person I think we should be proud of is William. He lost his mother too yet he had the integrity and courage to get into therapy to do the right thing and then be able to serve his country and his family with a stable loving family and a wife who supports the Monarchy instead of undermining it. Proud of William. he got it right.

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Yes, you know why I support the Invictus Games!  Those brave men and women need something positive.  Yes, he has a lot to answer for but I won’t go there when it comes to Vets!  Just like I don’t want to go there with children.  You have to draw the line somewhere.  This is me doing just that.

Since this is a public forum I won’t do that and I am after all a Harry blogger because of those vets! and he better not fuck it up like last time in Aus.  He left me so disappointed.

I have no problem roasting his ass, he is, after all, okay running the shit show.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋



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