Interesting theory going around the blogs

The theory going around the blogs. We all thought Meghan played Harry but looking at the dynamics today some think Harry played Meghan. Harry wanted a kid, and he got it. And now that he has it he doesn’t need Meghan. That is why Meghan was so shell shocked today and so unsure. She isn’t in control anymore. AJ had an interesting observation that Harry is all in for this baby and the things he let MM talk him into before won’t be acceptable to him now. This is his kid. Not his and MM’s. You really could see how Harry was in charge, and I bet that accounts for her “shell shock” she isn’t in control of him anymore.

The theory is Harry marries an utterly unsuitable woman who promptly undermines the monarchy so to protect the monarchy Harry gets sent to Africa which is what he wanted all along. He and his sprog.

I’m not sure Harry is smart enough to have planned this he may have been trapped into the marriage but then made the best of it. And now he has what he wanted from the marriage. So Meghan isn’t necessary anymore. And Harry gets to raise his son who he thinks will fill his empty self up in Africa with the occasional foray to the UK often enough to maintain his royal profile and get royal privileges. Harry is happy.

Let’s hope he keeps his interest in this baby. Harry has a tendency to bail when things get hard and require he make an effort and change from a spoiled man child to an adult accepting responsibility. But he is as much the user as Meghan was.


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I do respect kuwtbd she is level headed, and I’m going to side with her on this one as it is the most logical explanation to this oddball coupling. The other ones I want no parts of it, Vin and I discussed, and I closed the anon on tumblr for now, I was so turned off.

We’ll see in the months to come how the little Archie grows and adapts, and I do hope for Harry this child fulfills him.

Thank you for sending this into us, πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ


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