JD, who are the source of that crazy rumour?

I just wonder who are the source of the crazy rumour? “MM is in custody.” “MM is arrested and going to prison.” I am not MM’s sugar. I dont like her, and never will. No one will force me to like her … ever BUT, MM is not on her own. Harry is her husband and highly unlikely she did/does anything without his knowledge. That rumour is insane. Simple insane.


It’s absurd! I’m not a MM fan and I do poke a lot of fun about her, I stopped drinking the LARP kool-aid back in August.  Peanut butter girl will not stop!

JD, isn’t there anything you can do about Skippy? I know you were on the same path at one time. She’s out of control and saying the most hateful things about the baby, how MM was in custody, how the photo of the baby’s presentation to HM is fake. I worry for her mental health. This is ridiculous now.
Man that Skippy chick is out to lunch lol. Her theories are ludicrous with her god like complex where she believes whatever she says is gospel and everyone else can go to hell. That woman really needs help smdh.
I’m so sorry for the abuse you’re getting on Twitter. DripDrop is either Skippy or Skippy’s minion and you have done nothing to deserve people saying bad things about you. Many of us know that account (and the Toronto one) is trolling for the sake of trolling and know you’re just trying to keep people from being disappointed.
This is what people are telling me and I didn’t want to do this but she is keeping this up or someone playing a cruel joke on her.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋


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