Some light hearted relief~ Prince Jughead and Meathead

From the crummy real world news. Our two intrepid morons Harry and Megsy having rejected titles for their kid cause they want him to be normal have spent their evening reading the blogs and DM comments and figured out that this was not a good pr ploy. So, as usual, they now release a NEW story that the comic book baby is going to be a Prince eventually. They do this over and over again. Screw up realize it cause they are obsessed with their images and spend their time reading what other people say about them and then release a new story which totally contradicts their last story. And they think we do not notice this. It is wash rinse repeat. From now on in I am going to refer to them as the court jesters. Cause they cannot be taken seriously. They have a beautiful new baby with them and yet they are still reading blogs and tabloid comments. What a life. LOL.

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Palmer and Tominey have articles calling them out on their sell outs to the lowest-rated morning show. Hey, court jesters if you are going to alienate your power base then don’t do it for the lowest-rated morning show and understand you, youth ambassadors, that the audience for the morning shows is a middle-aged, middle-class stay at home women. Not exactly the demographic you are supposedly going after. Wow, Harry could have been taken seriously as a real humanitarian and statesman, and he traded that in to be morning talk show fodder and a tabloid cliché. Great work there Harry!

I’m dying!  The court jesters!  Look at this gif, doesn’t it remind you of the banana dress she wore?  Harry the dancing buffoon from the JA wedding taking out the waiter doing the moonwalk!

Sara Latham might be whip-smart in politics but these are royals, and these two will go against any good advice. We all look forward to eating popcorn and laughing our asses off at the court jesters, Meathead and Jughead!

They named their kid after a dead cat she feeds frozen grapes too, poor cat, the lame ass owner!  What a Meathead move.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💖💖💖


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