Soooo, Meghan gets a full page ad in the NYT, no lie and trashes Kate

Meghan gets her PR to have a baby products company buy a full-page ad in the NYT and sponsor a story that Kate is unfeminist and creating unrealistic expectations for women by appearing after birth dressed well hair brushed and in heels. We then get a barrage of such articles ripping Kate for her cruelty to women.

All of this an attempt to excuse why Meghan won’t appear at Lindo. But then Meghan appears two days after birth in a pretty WHITE dress and her trademark stilettos with her fake bump, and that was not creating unrealistic expectations for women. Especially since woman after giving birth are oozing blood clots and pee and are not likely to risk catastrophe with a white dress. Okay. But what happened to the cruel Kate creating unrealistic expectations when Meghan does exactly the same thing? LOL See what I mean about the constant lying spinning and contradictions?

And the two clowns just can’t understand why no one trusts them anymore or believes the drivel they pump out daily. Way to go Harry!

What a bunch of Archie’s LOL


3 Comments on “Soooo, Meghan gets a full page ad in the NYT, no lie and trashes Kate”

  1. They didnt want the. Lindo wing as that was only 15 minutes on the steps outside, whereas Meg got to walk down a red arpet in windsor castle and a US TV film crew!
    Does she really think people in the UK are all stupid ?

  2. I have to laugh at this, especially since she chose an American newspaper to print this trash. Shame on you NYT! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who rolled their eyes and turned the page,. Another fail mm.(you’re not even worthy of uppercase letters anymore as far as I’m concerned). Hollywood is filled with self obsessed celebrities who quietly give birth, then starve themselves into shape before “leaking” to the press that they had a baby. Kate is a role model for a lot of women because she’s shown that you still have a belly after just giving birth. And we all know about the royal tradition of presenting the new baby on the steps of the Lindo wing. We get it! This was just another pathetic failed attempt to stir up American interest in a useless duty free couple that nobody wants.

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