Like all bad pennies they keep coming back on schedule~ The Markle’s

The Grift is on! When chatting with Sam Grant Markle, she revealed that Roslyn was an alleged drug addict and never met Meghan in her life.  What is she doing here now?  Because as we come to learn that when the shit hits the fan, you bring out the family.

Since the press is angry, they might as well start throwing them on fire as well.  Please, people, don’t buy any of their bull hockey.

This story originated from the Mirror, well I guess when you start burning bridges, you got to move on to the next thirsty media outlet. It’s a money-making opportunity with heavy competition.

Roslyn accuses Thomas of cheating on her, okay that’s the reason he shouldn’t see the grandchild? What about Prince Charles?  OMG, these people! Ugh!  How about the alleged drug abuse with both Thomas and Roslyn?

Mrs. Markle added: ‘He would scream, “f*** you,” “f*** off,” “leave me the f*** alone,” or “get the f*** out of here.” Everything was f***. He called me a f****** c*** a lot.’ 

Okay, Thomas did work a lot, and she isn’t a Markle any longer, and she claims he was an awful father, yet his son and daughter went to live with him, sure Jan, go buys some ripple. Plus, Thomas raised MM by himself because Dorito was allegedly in prison for fraud from an employer but turned her life around to receive her master’s degree and become a Yoga instructor.  That makes perfect sense to me!  She paid back her debt to society, and people do deserve second chances after all.  I mean Harry had a bundle of them, right!

Allegedly Meg even had a simple possession charge, who never got one of those before??  I mean, I haven’t but maybe I might one day.

She alleges that he would come home ‘smelling of women,’ and at one point even slept with one of her relatives while they were still married.

Hey, Maybe she might be on to something I’ve got some tea to spill, I posted this before.

Sorry, it’s a little blurry, but it’s from October 31, 2016, FaceBook, open forum down in Mexico where Thomas lives and a girl is complaining that Thomas wanted to pay her to 🤬 his girlfriend while Thomas watched.  This person has zero motive because the shit hadn’t hit the fan yet.


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